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Black Slate

Although commonly referred to as “black slate” the colour is more of a mid to dark grey when dry and unfinished. ONce the slate has been oiled or sealed, the colour then goes to a dark grey/black. However, as slate is a natural product, there is never a clean consistent look to the surface. Every piece has a different look due to the natural riven surface.

What would you use a whole slate slab for?

Our whole slabs are sawn cut and ready to be finished or further cut for your job.

They are often commonly used for window cills, hearths, kitchen and bathroom (vanity) worktops, shelves, coping stones, window, and steps.

Also, the 20mm thickness slabs are often used as flooring tiles both indoor and outdoor and look great for patio and BBQ areas.

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Generally, we always have access to 20mm and 30mm thick slate slabs/blanks in the following sizes:

300mm wide : 300mm x1200mm – 300mm x1500mm – 300mm x1800mm

450mm wide : 450mm x 1200mm – 450mm x 1500mm – 450mm x 1800mm

600mm wide : 600mm x 1200mm – 600mm x 1500mm – 600mm x 1800mm – 600mm x 2200mm

750mm wide : 750mm x 1500mm

900mm wide : 900mm x 1200mm

900mm wide :  900mm x 900mm (20mm only)

We do often carry other sizes, though these are the most popular.

Cutting and finishing

If you need a specific size that’s not listed above, then we do offer a full cutting and shaping service.

please email any questions to info@slatehearth.co.uk


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