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Riven Slate

What Is Riven Slate?

Riven Slate is just the way nature made it!

When the slate comes from the quarry it’s split into slabs. When the slate slabs split, the “split” follows the natural layer in the slate and separates giving 2 natural riven surfaces.

This process gives the most natural surface. It can be quite smooth with a reasonably flat surface and even pattern if the layer splits evenly or it can give quite an uneven pattern if the split runs through multiple layers.

No two pieces of natural riven slate will have the same pattern, ever!


Riven Slate Hearth with arrised edge
riven slate hearth

So do you go for Riven or Honed slate?

From a practical point, the natural riven surface is generally a smooth and even surface, and honed is a fine polished surface with a dull sheen. The honed surface can be more prone to surface scratching due to the finer finished surface.

From “Looking Good” point…

Riven is a natural look.

it’s got that contemporary look, whilst still being at home in a more rustic cottage setting.
This is by far our most popular finish, especially with the growing trend of woodburning and multi fuel stoves.

Honed is a “finished” look.

It’s got that smooth surface finish, clean and even. The pattern when the slate is honed has a random cloud-like appearance when all the ruggedness is smoothed out. Due to stock availability and additional manufacturing times, the honed slate is more expensive and not always as readily available.


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What is the difference riven and honed slate
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What is the difference riven and honed slate
When slate comes from the quarry it’s split into slabs, the natural surfaces are "riven" this can then be "honed" to give a smooth surface on a polishing machine.
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