Our Slate Hearths are individually made to order.

Are you looking for a slate hearth cut to size near me? or slate hearth suppliers near me?

Great, because we don’t do “standard” or “off the shelf” as each and every hearth is custom made to your exact requirements, and each one we make is as individual as you and your home!

 Trade & Public welcome – delivery available across the UK & Europe

custom made slate hearth

We know you’re busy looking for the right hearth at the right price – aren’t we all busy these days?


So, if you’ve got a rough idea of what you’re looking for, just use our “Quick Quote” form below to send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Feel free to ask any questions on design, prices, delivery or ordering 🙂

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Did you see our Slate Hearth on ITV's 60-minute makeover?

Last year we were contacted by ITV’s “60-minute makeover” producers to see if we would help with a donation for an upcoming show where Pete and the gang went to Sittingbourne to help cancer charity fundraisers Tim and Tracey Sandy.
Anna Ryder Richardson transformed their living-dining room with a lot of hard work from the team and kind donations from businesses all willing to help.  The show was on air 14th February 2018 – It’s always good to help, especially with the good work of people helping other people x

We’re  Expanding! 

Our Hearth business is growing.
We’re making and delivering more custom-made hearths than ever, but considering that just about all our customers are having a woodburning stove installed or replaced, we thought it would be handy to have a range of fireplace accessories to compliment your new fireplace, so we’re building an online shop to offer you just that!

But then what? our customers also need something to burn on their new fire, so we’ll soon be offering a wide range of sustainably produced fuel  – Read more about the fuel we’ll be offering here.

Biomass Fuel Suppliers

So you’re getting a bioethanol burner – nice!

Depending on what type of burner you’re looking for you’ll probably need a hearth for it.
We use some of the finest slate and stone in the world to custom make hearths for bioethanol burners of just about any size, from tabletop, built-in and freestanding – go on, give us a call and ask about how we can help

Bioethanol hearth page

Download our free design and order quote form.

If you need a little help working out the sizes for your hearth, then take a look, and download one of our forms.

At the moment, we have forms for: Rectangle, T Shape, teardrop and corner hearths. We also have a blank form if you’re looking for something else.

Form download page

slate hearth order form

Looking for a Whole Slate Slab?

We also sell Whole 30mm & 20mm thick Slate slabs in a range of sizes from 300mmx1200mm to 2400mmx900mm

wholesale slate slabs brazilian

Why do we do it?



Drawing on a wide range of stone masonry skills, stone suppliers and international quarry contacts developed over many years, we’re able to create high quality, custom slate and stone hearths.



Born from a passion for working with stone, SlateHearth.co.uk was established to focus on creating bespoke and individual stone hearths for the increasing demand.



There are no “Middle Men”, fancy show rooms or sales people. We source the stone, design the plan, cut, finish and despatch from our Cumbria workshop, making our prices competitive and affordable for any budget.

Some recent hearths we’ve made…

Teardrop Slate Hearth

Teardrop Slate Hearth

With a natural riven slate finish and arrised edges on the finishing bench.

Teardrop Slate Hearth

T Shape Slate Hearth

With a Honed slate finish, rounded edges and Sealed. All ready to pack and send.

Teardrop Slate Hearth

Corner Shape Slate Hearth

With a natural riven slate finish, 1/2 Bullnose edges and all washed down, ready to go home!

Teardrop Slate Hearth

Rectangle Riven Slate Hearth

With a natural riven finish. Just drying off in the sun.

Teardrop Slate Hearth

T Shape Slate Hearth

With a Honed slate finish, rounded edges and Sealed. All ready to pack and send.


Curved Front T Shape Slate Hearth

With a smooth honed finish this 2 section, 1/2 Bullnose, hearth is ready for collection from the yard.

Workshop: Our workshop is based in Cumbria.
Due health & safety we don’t have facilities for public visiting at the moment. however, small samples are available upon request.

Email: hearth@slatehearth.co.uk for any hearth enquiries including trade

or info@slatehearth.co.uk for general enquiries

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