Need a Corner Slate Hearth?

We’ve got 3 options to get you a quick quote for your Hearth.

1. Email us your specifications & details.

2. Complete the form with your details.

3. Download, print, fill in, take a photo of it and email it back to us.

Single Piece Corner Hearth

Corner slate hearths can be made as single or in multiple pieces depending on the overall size needed or design required.
If your overall hearth size falls within our raw slab size availability then a single piece hearth is available.

Multiple Pieced Hearth

If your overall hearth size is going to be larger than our stock slate slabs or you just prefer 2 or more pieces for your corner Hearth that’s fine, we can configure a design for you, or just send us a rough sketch of what you’de like. Something like the examples below will be fine

Option 1. email us

T Shaped Slate Hearth diagram

To give you a price for a Corner Slate Hearth, like the one in the photo, please use the diagram with Left, Right and Angle to give us your measurements in either mm or inches.

Once you have your measurements, just email them over to us –

Option 2. Complete this form

Using the diagram as a reference, just fill in the form with your details and measurements and click send

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Option 3. Download and use this form

Download and print the blank form, fill it in, take a photo of it (or scan it if you’re posh!) then just email to us 🙂

You can either “right click” on the form and “save as” or, use the PDF download button below